DOCUMENTS NEEDED to Receive an approval on your loan.  (some items may not be applicable to your situation)

This is a list of items needed to process your loan.  Feel free to either fax, email, or mail them to us.

Required Document Checklist (for all borrowers)

Current Pay stubs For 1 Consecutive Month

W-2’s for (Most Recent 2 Year’s)

Personal Bank Statement for all checking and saving accounts for prior 3 months

All Stock and Bond, Mutual Funds, Options, and Investment Brokerage Statements (Most Recent)

All 401K or Retirement Plan Statements (Most Recent)

Social Security Award Letter (to document income from social security)

Listing agreement/ Purchase agreement for the sale of current home

Bankruptcy discharge and petition (if bankruptcy has been filed in last 7 years)

Copy of Drivers License

For Commissioned and Self Employed 1040’s complete, including all schedules for Most Recent 2 Year’s

1120’s All schedules for Most Recent 2 Year’s

If applicable If Renting Landlord’s name and address and phone number 12 Months cancelled checks (front and back)

Purchase Only Purchase Agreement

Copy of Earnest Money Deposit Check

Refinances Only Mortgage Statement (1st, 2nd, home equity) (Name/Address/Phone/Acct #)

Homeowners Insurance Policy (Declarations Page) (Name/Address/Phone/Acct #/Agent)

Contact Your Team Have questions concerning your loan?

Dos and Dont’s While Your Loan is in Progress:

KINDLY MAKE SURE YOU DON’T: * Apply for something in which your credit report needs to be pulled. * Start significant home improvements on your home. * Apply for any type of new debt. * Co-sign on a loan. * Change jobs/employer without inquiring about the impact this change would have on the approval/approvability of your home loan. * Make major purchases during or prior to closing (i.e., new car, furniture, appliances, electronics) because this might impact your qualification ratios. Please confer with me to calculate what your ratios would be with any additional debts. * Close/open or transfer any asset accounts without inquiring about the proper documentation required for our loan file (i.e., if you transfer all the funds in your stock account to your savings account, documentation is required). * DON’T open or increase any liabilities, including credit cards, signature loans, etc., during the loan process. Please check with me for any documentation that will be required and what impact this would have on your qualification ratios.

KINDLY MAKE SURE YOU DO: * Continue paying your bills on time including any mortgage, car, credit cards, etc. even if they’re being paid through the new loan. * Inform us in advance of any employment or income change. * Keep copies of all pay check stubs, and asset statements you receive. We are required to update any documents that are over 30 days old prior to the closing of your mortgage loan (this is required even if your loan is approved). * Call us anytime if you are unclear or have a question about your loan. * During the processing of your loan request, we encourage you to follow these instructions until all loan proceeds have been disbursed by the title company. * Provide any documentation regarding the sale of your current home when you receive it.

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