CRANBROOK LOANS Privacy Disclosure Statement

Cranbrook Loans is committed to your financial well being and protecting the privacy and security of the information you share with us. When you give us your personal and financial information, we’ll handle that information with care. Only those employees who need to have access to your information to perform their jobs are authorized to have access to the information.

When you submit a loan application to us, we may ask for information that may include where you work, what you do, your income, assets, debts and obligations, your financial goals and other similar information. We use this information when evaluating your eligibility for a loan. This evaluation also requires us to obtain information about you from others such as consumer reporting agencies, the IRS, licensed title search companies, appraisers, your hazard insurance company, and flood insurance company.

In addition, CRANBROOK LOANS may provide third party firms with information furnished by you, such as names, addresses and the financial information you have provided to us or that we have obtained from others about you. Any use of this information will be restricted to advancing your request for a loan, locating a home, or the marketing of other financial products CRANBROOK LOANS may offer. We will never sell information about you to any other organization.
Any third party that receives this information is not permitted to use this information for its own purposes or to give it to anyone else (unless it is to help them close your loan).

We may also provide certain information to others when legally required to do so (for instance, in response to a subpoena), to prevent fraud, or to comply with a legal request by a government agency or regulator.

We are very sensitive to your privacy concerns, and therefore, are very careful in protecting your information from unwarranted access. We comply with all federal and state mortgage and privacy laws as they relate to handling your information. Once your loan is closed or withdrawn, all non-essential credit, income, asset, and personal information is shredded by a licensed and bonded document shredding company.

By voluntarily submitting your name, phone number, and email address anywhere on, you may receive phone and email correspondence regarding your interest in a mortgage. Cranbrook Loans will contact you via email and phone during the loan process as necessary. We may also contact you in the future to provide information regarding other mortgage products that may benefit you. You may opt-out of any correspondence which is not directly linked to your transaction by clicking on the unsubscribe button. The opt out does not apply to disclosures that are legally permitted or required by law for an ongoing transaction.

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