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Rates, Fees Guarantee.  We are confident that our rates and fees are the most competitive in the industry.

$500 Guarantee

We are confident that our rates and fees are the most competitive in the industry.  However, in the event you are able to find a better deal. Our promise to you at Cranbrook Loans is that we will never let rates or fees stand in the way of you being able to work with us and take advantage of all the other benefits we offer. If you receive a written offer from a competitor that is lower, our promise to you is that we will match it, and if we can’t we will give you $500.

Unfortunately we have found in most cases, when a competitor does offer a lower rate, it is part of a bait and switch. Some companies will quote you anything over the phone and then when it comes time to give you the real figures the deal suddenly changes. There can be several excuses, including rate markets and more.  With Cranbrook Loans you can get the a great deal and avoid any “bait and switch” or games.

If a competitor does make a better offer than Cranbrook Loans, send us a copy and we will do our best to beat it. If we can’t beat it, we’ll give you $500 when you actually close on their mortgage as disclosed – but from our experience, when we can’t match it, it’s just too good to be true.


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How do we offer the Best Mortgage Rates?

Its simple,  Volume and being a debt free company.  We are a high volume company and are therefore able to get volume discounts.  Secondly, we are a debt free company.  We don’t have the significant overhead expense that most companies have.


Rules and Restrictions for the $500 Guarantee

The Cranbrook Loans $500 Guarantee only applies to Fixed Rate Mortgages. HARP, and Adjustable rate

$500 Mortgage Guarantee requires minimum $150,000 loan amount and applies to Fixed Rate Loans Only. Does not apply if borrower is declined by Cranbrook Loans for not meeting credit or income program guidelines. Borrower must provide Good Faith Estimate from competing lender on the same day the competitor’s terms were offered. Must be a program Cranbrook Loans offers. Does not apply to prior locks or terms. Cranbrook Loans must have an opportunity to beat the terms. In the event that Cranbrook Loans is unable to beat the terms of the competing lender, borrower must provide a HUD-1 settlement statement, final 1003, and the mortgage note within 3 days after closing, and lock-in agreement dated the same day terms were presented to Cranbrook Loans, verifying competing lender’s terms to receive $500. High Speed Closing is not eligible for $500 Guarantee.

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