Have you asked yourself these questions.  We’ll here are the answers.

How does my competition offer lower rates all the time?

When you offer a rate to a customer are you confident that you’re giving them the best rate/cost combination?

Or, are you feeling that your rates aren’t competitive, so you have to sell them on something that’s not always in their best interest?

Are your rate sheets padded by the company, so they make an unfair amount of money on each of your deals?

We will show you how to offer better interest rates and be competitive on every deal.

Do you close On time?

Do you trust your underwriting and processing to get you to closing on time?

Do you worry your processor is not working on your file, and have a tough time reaching them?

This is the most common source of stress facing mortgage originators and branch managers.

If you can’t get your loans closed on schedule it leads to time wasted dealing with extra and uncomfortable client and realtor maintenance.

We offer a On-Time Closing Guarantee that guarantees you’ll meet your closing on schedule.

Do you have a great realtor development strategy?

Do agents know who you are?

How many agents did you meet with last month?

Do you have a game plan on generating more deals from local agents?

We will share a proven system to help you increase your real estate agent referral business.


Do you have great marketing support?

Do you have partners in your marketing systems?

How many new applications did you take last month?

Do you have a game plan on generating more deals?

We will share a proven system to generate business.


FAQ About Our Mortgage Branch Program

​This page will answer some of the most common questions asked about the branch opportunity made available by MortgageOriginator.Org. Fill out the online application or call us directly for more information.

Q: What states are you licensed in?

A: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon

Q: Will I be a retail Branch of MortgageOriginator.Org?

A:Yes, you would be a Branch Manager of MortgageOriginator.Org.

Q: Can I originate loans in other states?

A: Yes, one of the benefits of the MortgageOriginator.Org program is the ability to originate loans in multiple states, providing proper licensing or loan registration is complete.

Q: How long has MortgageOriginator.Org been in business?

A: Our parent company has been in business since 1996.

Q: Is the Company a mortgage lender or broker?

A: We are a lender and broker.  Our loan pricing is very competitive and our loan production times are some of the best in the industry. We know there is no better way to be competitive than brokering the loan, so our originators get to choose where to send their loans.

Q: How often do I get paid?

A: MortgageOriginator.Org payroll department process payroll on a bi-weekly schedule. All employee pay is made as W2.

Q: Do you offer direct deposit?

A: MortgageOriginator.Org offers and requires direct deposit.

Q: Does MortgageOriginator.Org offer benefits?

A: MortgageOriginator.Org has a full range of benefits for each branch employee to choose from. MortgageOriginator.Org has health, life and disability insurance along with a 401k plan and much much more.

Q: Will I be a W-2 Employee or 1099?

A: All MortgageOriginator.Org personnel are W-2 employees. There are no 1099 contractors.

Q: How are loan officers compensated?

A: Loan officer commissions are determined by the Branch Manager and paid through payroll via a payroll by MortgageOriginator.Org human resources.

Q: Is my branch assigned a specific territory?

A: MortgageOriginator.Org., does not assign specific territories. A limited number of branches in each market are maintained to allow each branch to achieve its full potential.

Q: Can my branch have more than one manager?

A: One person acts as branch manager. If a new branch has more than one manager, one person assumes the role of branch manager, but their compensation can be equal.

Q: Can I keep my current business name or allow me to use a DBA?

A: You may conduct business via a DBA.

Q: What lenders are you signed up with?

A: MortgageOriginator.Org., offers national lending solutions with many lenders offering a vast array of products such as, conforming, reverse, FHA, VA, USDA, 2nds, Jumbos, Commercial products, programs for investor properties, bankruptcy, rural, condo, manufactured homes, and more.

Q: May I use my current investors if they are not on the list?

A: Yes, Providing that our criteria have been met, we will complete and submit application. We want to ensure that you have the flexibility to place your loan with lenders you are familiar with.

Q: Can I process loans at my branch?

A: As a branch manager, you may process your own loans, or hire your own processor. We recommend and encourage utilizing home office processing department.

Q: Do you have access to LP and/or DO?

A: Yes, we will provide you with access to LP/DU/DO.  It is not necessary because it will be done for you by our processors.

Q: What training does MortgageOriginator.Org provide?

A: The affiliate/branch manager is required to participate in a physical or telephone orientation with the corporate affiliate/branch manager trainer to learn MortgageOriginator.Org., guidelines, policies, and procedures.

Q: Do you have a compliance department?

A: Yes, We have a compliance department that makes sure we are in compliance with all federal, state and local rules and regulations.

Q: Do you have restrictions on the maximum points/fees charged?

A: Yes, fees are limited to the extent necessary to ensure that we do not make high cost loans as defined by federal, state or local regulations.

Q: Who sends out the Loan Estimate / Good Faith Estimates of closing costs?

A: Our processors send out Loan Estimate / Good Faith Estimates as well as all state specific disclosures.

Q: What do I do with my file after the loan has been closed?

A: All files that have not been processed by MortgageOriginator.Org must be sent to the corporate office for compliance.

Q: How do I advertise?

A: All advertising must receive a written approval by the compliance department to ensure that all content complies with Federal, State and Local Regulations.

Q: How are branch expenses paid?

A: MortgageOriginator.Org will issue the check for branch monthly expenses, which are paid by the accounting department.

Q: I have loans in my pipeline with my former company, how do I handle these?

A: Depending upon your agreement with your former employer, It is usually required you close the loan with your former employer. Any new applications taken after your approval date will be closed under your branch office. The borrower may also sign a transfer letter requesting the file to be transferred to your new branch office.

Q: Does MortgageOriginator.Org require office space?

A: MortgageOriginator.Org requires our branches to operate out of professional office space. However, under certain state laws, working from a home office is permitted for an individual loan officer, manager. We want offices to be clearly identified to the public and be staffed and equipped to deal with clients in a business like manner. An executive space is acceptable for smaller branch operations.

Q: How long does it take to get approved as a new branch?

A: Upon completion of the branch application employment package and other requested documentation, your application will be received for approval within approximately 2-3 days.

Q: What type of loan software do you require?

A: Byte Pro Standard Software.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Complete an on-line application, or send us a resume.