Loan Options

Fixed Rates

  • Know that your rate will not increase.
  • Plan to own more than 7 years or beyond the break even point.
  • Long-term ownership, this is your loan.
  • Get a lower rate and a lower payment.

10 / 15 / 20 / 30 Year Fixed Rate

  • Reduce your mortgage payment even more with our interest-only payment option.
  • This option is for anybody planning to move within 7 years.
  • No down payment required for Purchase loans.
  • Free up all your cash for all of life’s other expenses.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

  • No PMI Option Available (Private Mortgage Insurance).
  • Refinance to pull cash out to 100% of homes value.
  • Self Employed or contractor with no pay stubs.

Zero Down

  • No income documentation.
  • No asset documentation.
  • No Employment History.

No Documentation

  • Free up hundreds of dollars a month.
  • Bank Statement Income Proof.
  • Asset Based Lending.

Interest Only

  • Loans over Conventional Limits.
  • Consolidate credit cards.
  • Lower total monthly payment.


  • Lower overall rate and reduce long term interest.
  • Eliminate compounded interest on credit card debt.
  • Less than perfect credit.

Debt Consolidation

  • Bankruptcy.
  • Looking for a fresh start.
  • Low interest only payment available.
  • Use 100% of your homes value.

Less than Perfect Credit

  • Government Loan Programs.
  • Zero Down Programs.
  • Veteran Loans.

High Loan To Value

  • Federal Housing Administration Loans.
  • Relaxed credit requirements.
  • Affordable Payments.

FHA and VA

  • From Zero to Low Down Payments.
  • Should be compared with Conventional to determine pros and cons of each.
  • Less than Perfect Credit.

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